1758 SELECTION Petit Verdot

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Petit Verdot grapes have excellent growth under our vineyard conditions. Adding to the great vegetation, there is a low-production, high-quality harvest. This wine is of a deep garnet color, bright and very intense. With a mix of ripe fruits and vegetable notes. A deep and powerful, long-lasting taste, with soft on the tongue flavors. A double string trellis vineyard. 100% single-varietal Petit Verdot grape, aged 15 months in French and American oak.


Winemaking & Maturing
Traditional production with over pumping process. 20-day maceration, aged in French and American oak barrels for 15 months.
Tasting Notes
The most important tasting notes for this great wine would be:

  • Appearance: Petit Verdot grapes, under Encomienda De Cervera climate and soil conditions, are of deep and intense garnet color, bright and beautiful.
  • Bouquet: Strong on the nose, with a mix of ripe fruit and vegetable notes, from the scrubland that gives the wine complexity and elegance.
  • Taste: Vigorous and strong on the mouth. With body and flavor. Long-lasting with soft on the tongue flavors, prolonging the taste and giving it power.

Everything is blended in perfect balance, blasting feelings and flavors.

It goes well with traditional cuisine, meat, stews, and game meat.
To maintain the wine’s original characteristics and for an optimum development, it must be kept at a temperature between 12ºC and 18ºC, away from the light and humidity. Do not expose to high temperatures, sun rays, or intense light (properly heated and air-conditioned cupboards or shelves).
The wine is ready to drink, although it is recommended to store it to obtain a better balance and complexity.

Vintage: 2009


Weight 1.3 kg
Grape Variety

Petit Verdot 100%

Country of Origin



Campo de Calatrava, Almagro


Clay and Stony soil with a smooth layer of volcanic origin

Kind of wine


Wine Style

Deep red and Body


14% vol




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