Our Cheeses

Living soil of volcanic origin


Cheese making is an art dating thousands of years back. Encomienda de Cervera follows this tradition for cheese making and betters only those processes in which technology can improve the results.

Our cheeses are defined as Manchego Original Cheese. They are made of Manchego sheep milk only, with a minimum 60-day maturity.

We produce handmade Manchego Cheese made of raw sheep milk, and Manchego Cheese made of pasteurized sheep milk from our own livestock.

Discover the amazing flavor of our Manchego Cheese from Black Sheep (Black Quixote)

A journey through La Mancha lands, among windmills and vast plains, giving us the opportunity to taste a great variety of delicious products, quality certificate guaranteed. Agricultural land where the vineyards, fruit trees and olive groves are of great importance.