Gold and Silver Medal for our wines Petit Verdot and Maar de Cervera

Mundus Vini rewards with the Gold and Silver medal for our wines ‘1758 Selección Petit Verdot’ and ‘Maar de Cervera Syrah’ respectively.

The 24º International Wine Grand Prize ended with the concession of 37 Grand Gold, 1,487 Gold and 1,358 Silver medals. There 260 wine experts from 50 countries moved to this tasting of six days to taste blind and evaluate some 7,200 wines from 156 wine regions, among which was Encomienda De Cervera.

gruppenfoto_3MUNDUS VINI was founded 18 years ago and, since its inception, is one of the most important wine contests in the world. The importance of this competition both in Germany and in the rest of the world is demonstrated by the more than 11,000 wines presented each year. These are evaluated according to the international scheme of 100 points of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). Only 40% of the best wines presented in the competition receive a medal for their qualities. This underlines the high value of the MUNDUS VINI medals, as well as the seriousness and uniqueness of the event. The prize is awarded in the spring and at the end of summer.

In the informal competition between the countries with the best quality wines, Spain occupies a second position with 623 recognitions (5 Grand Gold, 362 Gold and 256 Silver). This time we are proud to have obtained the Gold Medal award for our wine ‘1758 ​​Selection Petit Verdot’ of 2010 and Silver Medal for ‘Maar Cervera Syrah’ of 2012

In the opinion of Christian Wolf, responsible for tasting MUNDUS VINI: “Spain has again demonstrated impressively its winemaking qualities in the spring tasting of this year”.

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